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From: Helga Ei-Matthisson
On: April 23, 2015 @12:07 pm
WOW ! Where is a Flying Carpet that takes me to Boston - to attend an extraordinary concert sung by a very handsome artist ! Wishing you every success - a dear friend from Goettingen/Germany - Helga
From: Missy
On: April 20, 2015 @12:00 pm
Congratulations on your new website! An amazing culmination of all your dedicated work on Gaelic and the harp! May it pay dividends. Do you like Host Baby? My jazz group is considering using it ... when we actually have some media to put on it! Jen and I went to Ireland a year ago tomorrow. Time flies. Hope you and Drew are well! Hugs, Missy
From: Debra Spiro-Allen
On: April 19, 2015 @09:53 am
Such beautiful music, brought to life by James Ruff. He brings great artistry, sensitivity and range of emotion to each note as he transports us all to another time and space. Beautiful!
From: Carol
On: April 18, 2015 @07:25 pm
Beautiful! Thanks so much for putting me on your list... Love, Carol
From: Elizabeth Capwell
On: April 08, 2015 @10:55 pm
Your beautiful website is a perfect showcase for your exquisite interpretation of this music that is so dear to my heart. I'm delighted at your success, and looking forward to a pilgrimage to see you perform in concert, hopefully sooner than later. Le Moran Graidh!

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