Wire Harp General Information: 
WireStrung Harp:  http://www.wirestrungharp.com/

Early Gaelic Harp Info:  http://www.earlygaelicharp.info/

Wire Harp Players and Teachers:

Siobhan Armstrong, Harp:  http://www.siobhanarmstrong.com/ 
Ann Heyman, Harp:  http://www.annheymann.com/
Javier Sainz, Harp:  http://javiersainz.net/en/biography/
Bill Taylor, Harp:  http://www.billtaylor.eu/

Wire Harp Schools:
Scoil na gClairseach - summer school of the Early Irish Harp:  http://www.irishharpschool.com/
Ohio Scottish Arts School:  http://www.ohioscottishartsschool.com/

Wire Harp Makers:
Lynne Lewandowski, Harpmaker:  http://www.lynnelewandowski.com/
MacDonald Harps:  http://www.macdonaldharps.net/

Scottish Gaelic Singers and Teachers:
Mary Ann Kennedy:  http://www.maryannkennedy.co.uk/
Kenna Campbell:  http://projects.scottishcultureonline.com/hall-of-fame/kenna-campbell/
Christine Primrose:  http://www.myspace.com/primrosechristine

Voice Teachers:
David Jones, Voice Teacher:  http://www.voiceteacher.com/

Music Studios - Scotland:
Watercolour Music:  http://www.watercolourmusic.co.uk/

Scottish Gaelic Resources:
Muriel Fisher, Gaelic Teacher - via Skype:  http://www.murielofskye.com/
Alasdair Crow, Gaelic Teacher - via Skype:  http://gaelicviaskype.webs.com/
American Scottish Gaelic Society:  http://www.acgamerica.org/
Sabhail Mor Ostaig - Scotland's Gaelic College:  http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/en/

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Upcoming Concerts

  • 06/24/2018
    Historical Harp Society 2018 Conference - Queens, NY
  • 07/31/2018
    Scoil na gClairseach - Festival of the Early Irish Harp - Kilkenny,
  • 11/02/2018
    St. Paul's School - Concord, NH

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