Upcoming Concerts

On Walsingham Way: An Early English Pilgrimage

Holy Cross Monastery , 1615 Route 9W (or Broadway), West Park, NY 12493

A musical exploration of the famous Marian pilgrimage site in Walsingham, England, featuring James Ruff, tenor and Early Gaelic Harp in ballads, poems and music of the three periods of importance to the site: Medieval pilgrimage, Tudor destruction and lamentation, 20th century restoration. A singular journey of devotion...

House of Strings: A Harper's Journey Through Scotland

Stone Church Arts - Immanuel Episcopal Church, 20 Church Street, Bellows Falls, VT 05101

James Ruff, Tenor and Early Gaelic Harp, presents a collage of early music for harp and voice from Gaelic Scotland, recreating the 17th-century world of the historic harper-bards. Rarely heard intimate chamber pieces from a Hebridean harp manuscript, stately formal laments commemorating great clan chieftains, poetic and musical invocations of the famed Keppoch murders, and more. The evocative sound of the early Gaelic wire harp coupled brilliantly with the ancient beauty of Gaelic poetry...

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